April in California

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April 28, 2022

April in California

California, the land of sunshine, palm trees, and endless possibilities. It's no wonder that many photographers flock to this state to capture the perfect shot. Our team recently traveled to LA for our most recent photoshoot. Here's a glimpse into our trip...

 We arrived in Los Angeles early in the morning, excited to explore the city and get started on our shoot. Our first stop was the city, which was a hub of activity, with bustling streets and vibrant colors everywhere.

Our next stop was the beach, famous for surf, sea and sun it made the perfect spot for shooting some of our activewear range. A pit stop to skate at the infamous Venice Beach rounded off our day before we headed out into the desert.

The next morning we drove out to Yukka Valley in the Little San Bernardino Mountains. At an elevation of 3,300 feet the crisp air, starry skies and the incomparable beauty of the high desert created its own unique charm and atmosphere.

The team hiked the desert to find the ultimate backdrops for another incredible photoshoot and trip with Blakely Clothing.

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LA Blakely Roadtrip ✈️

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