The Blakely Shop Launch In Norwich

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November 26, 2021

The Blakely Shop Launch In Norwich


On November 20th 2021, The first Blakely pop-up store opened on London Street Norwich.

The shop is split into three sections with loungewear, gym gear and smart casual, with coats and jackets available too. There were queues of people all the way up to Norwich Market, ready to browse the range of Blakely Clothing available.

After “far exceeding our expectations”, the owner of Blakely Clothing, Gareth Newman, decided to extend the availability of the shop for another year.

"Our slogan is never settle and we are always looking to try new things as a business to keep pushing forward.
“Norwich is so close to my heart and we want Norfolk to be proud of us.
It had an incredible opening and we were all so proud and excited, we were hoping for five people and had around 100 in the queue, it was wonderful to see.
We wanted to reflect our sense of authenticity that we pride ourselves with being a core value of the brand. To have that personal interaction and to build a community. It is important for us to have those conversations face to face with our customers to build a

wider picture of what they need/want so that we can take this back to our design team. It is an enlightening way to observe how our customers style our clothing, we aim to inspire and to always make people feel their absolute best.

It's so exciting to see Blakely continue to evolve and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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